Cycle to work? That's great, but....where do I park and will it be there when I return?  Read our story. 

Where it all started

Post Covid lockdown there is a realisation that we should rethink  our daily commute. Cycling into town would minimise congestion, encourage social distancing - and lastly help keep us fit and healthy.   A simple idea, and one we could all start straight away.  However cycling of course has its challenges - where do we park our bike?  Is it secure?  Where do we change?  Is it clean? The list is endless..

The government has recently committed to invest over £225m in cycle lanes.  Finding a bicycle retailer to buy your new bike without a huge waiting list is virtually impossible.  Electric bike sales are soaring.  This new focus on cycling  illustrates the opportunity to transform our congested polluted cities with immediate effect.  What has not been fully considered is where to park safely and conveniently..

BIKE-DROP has been born to support the cyclist.  We shall provide the location (we call them our DROPS) for you to park your bike with ease and also give you peace of mind that it will be there on your return.  Our first DROP’s are centrally located in W1, London. They provide over 500 spaces with a simple online booking  system providing a QR code to make your DROP OFF and RIDE OUT an easy and swift experience.  Let our DROP CREW take the hassle out of bike parking.

Our longer term plans are to address the autumnal challenge of the elements. We aim to provide individual PODS to allow you to smart-up before you start your working day.  We shall provide boutique soaps, luxury towels and even clean or service your bike.  Our aim in our initial DROPS is to listen to you and give you what you deserve.  

Cycling provides that moment of solitude we long for as we step away from congestion.  Join us and let BIKE-DROP redefine your journey

We're here to Listen!!!

As we open our first DROPS we want to know what you want, listen to your ideas, and incorporate as many great ideas to our future openings.

We want BIKE-DROP to start your day with the ease of bike parking - no searching for a space; no PIN code required; no isolated damp back street or car park; no lock to carry.  Be greeted by one of our CREW, and let your working day, social with friends or family, or an afternoon window shopping  begin without delay.

Please get in contact with us at LISTENTOME@BIKE-DROP.COM

A few interesting facts:

  • Cycling is anticipated to be 10 times higher once restrictions are fully eased. (TFL May 2020).
  • 88% increase in electric bike sales (BBC May 2020)
  • 296,000 theft incidents were estimated in 2019 (The Crime Survey for England and Wales, CSEW).  More than one than 1 every 2 minutes.