Cycle to work?  That's great, but....where do I park and will it be there when I return?  Read our story. 

Where it all started...

Post Lockdown there is a realisation that we should rethink our daily commute.  Cycling into town minimises congestion, encourages social distancing and of course keeps us fit and healthy.  A simple idea and one we could all start straight away.  Cycling of course has its challenges.  Where do we park?  Will my bike be safe and secure?  Is it clean?  Where do I change?  The list is endless.

BIKE-DROP has been born to support the cyclist.  We provide the locations (we call them our DROPs) and give you the peace of mind you need to know your RIDE is safe and secure and shall be there ready and waiting for you on your return.  Our first DROPs are located in Westminster, London and provide 750+ parking spaces.  With our easy to use online booking system book your PASS today and let our CREW valet park your RIDE and take the hassle and worry away from you while you enjoy the day.

Our vision is to expand BIKE-DROP from its initial three DROPs opened in September 2020 and widen both our DROP locations and also our added value.  The provision of lockers, showers and changing facilities are all part of our future vision once we have proven our concept satisfies what we believe is a clear demand in our cities.  Help us achieve our goal of bringing BIKE-DROP across the breadth of London, and further afield, as we strive to exceed our RIDERs expectations.  RIDE SAFE

Beat the congestion on the underground, ditch your Travelcard and BIKE-DROP it instead.  Cycling to your place of work, or for a social with friends, not only provides the health benefits of exercise but also the guarantee you will not be packed into a crowded underground carriage ever again.  Enhance your social distancing and cycle instead!.

Had your bike stolen or vandalised?  Tired of carrying a heavy chunky lock every day?  Put your worries of where to park behind you and instead park safely and securely at BIKE-DROP.  Our DROPs are operated by our trained CREW during our opening hours.  We have CCTV and monitored security systems to give you that additional peace of mind you are looking for.

Abandon your gym membership and cycle to work.  Not only will you gain some time back in your hectic daily schedule but you will also gain the obvious health benefits cycling is proven to provide.  Take the stress out of your daily commute and let cycling provide that moment of solitude we all long. for.  BIKE-DROP: redefine your journey.