The Return to Work


The Return to Work

For many Londoners the thought of returning to work, and specifically ‘how are we going to get there’ seems a little bit daunting at the moment.  Whilst we are undoubtedly craving a return to normal, the thought of rush hour on a packed tube or bus feels rather uneasy in these times of social distancing.  Additionally there is talk of reduced capacity of numbers onboard in order to restrict the spread of COVID-19, so things are pointing to a shift in behaviour towards alternative modes of transport, and a significant move towards active travel.  


Cycling to work makes the journey to and from work more fun and gives you a great sense of achieving something even before you start your working day. It improves your health and well-being, plus there are the benefits to the environment and the reduction of your carbon footprint - we will look into all of these benefits in more detail in one of our next blogs. 


It has been positive to see local authorities not only encouraging but enabling people to cycle by investing in cycle lanes and infrastructure, there is of course more to be done but it is good to see steps being taken to make commuter cyclists safer and more comfortable. 


The latest DfT National Attitudes survey showed:


  • People feel safest from COVID-19 when travelling by bike
  • 34% are cycling more than before
  • 95% say they will cycle more after the pandemic
  • 65% say they’re unlikely to use public transport when it’s busy


This is just more data to demonstrate the surge in active travel and the need for even more support for cycling infrastructure 


However a very much overlooked part of the puzzle is where to park your bike safely and securely.  There has been a much publicised increase in cycling with sales booming, stores sold out and long waiting lists, but where to park your pride and joy is still a barrier to cycling for many people.  With restrictions on cycle to work schemes being lifted your bike is potentially a really expensive bit of kit! This is where BIKE-DROP can support you providing safe, secure and convenient bike parking in London’s West End.  We like the personal touch so our CREW will be delighted to take care of your bike, looking after it until your return.  BIKE-DROP is the only parking service that gives you that real peace of mind, during the working day, that your bike will be there on your return. Let us take the hassle out of finding somewhere to park.


BIKE-DROP offers a variety of different PASSES including a Corporate PASS to provide your team with the certainty and peace of mind they are looking for.  Have a puncture?  Have an e-BIKE?  Need to hydrate?  No problem.  All Corporate PASS members benefit from free puncture repairs, free e-BIKE charging and even offer complimentary filtered water bottle refills for the return journey home. We hope to see you in the DROP soon