Select THE PASS that meets your need - we offer savings the longer you book to recognise your loyalty.  Select from the Day, Week, or Month PASS, receive your QR code, and valet park with peace of mind.  DROP IN and RIDE OUT today!

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DAY - £ 6.50/day (£ 6.50)

DROP IN for the day with the DAY PASS. Enjoy! Available for day of PASS only

WEEK - £ 5.50/day (£ 38.50)

Take advantage of our WEEK PASS and visit every day! Valid for seven days

MONTH - £ 4.50/day (£ 135.00)

Less than a Z1-2 Travel Card try the MONTH PASS. Valid for thirty days

FLEX - £ 5.00/day (£ 75.00)

Our most flexible PASS yet. 15 DROP INs. Valid for 75 days

DASH - £ 4.50/dash (£ 4.50)

A DASH to the shops or a meeting in the office. Valid for three hours from arrival

CARGO DAY - £ 10.00/day (£ 10.00)

Travelling on a CARGO Bike. No worries. BIKE-DROP it today. Subject to availability.