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If you've been wondering what all the e-bike fuss is about you really should think about a test ride on a MATE Bike! Test rides can be booked through our website at our Regent Street DROP - we’d love to take you for a spin!
London just got a whole lot more complicated, as if things were not complicated enough already. At BIKE-DROP we have decided to put in place a special TIER3 PASS for key workers and retail staff still manning their posts in these tough times.
Looking a for a new way to do your Christmas shopping ? We could just have come up with the great alternative to the bus, tube or train...... let us tell you more...
…….And it's back to our various versions of the new normal. It's really been quite a year for the world as we knew it. Less planes in the skies, less cars on the roads and our parks full of walkers and cyclists, but what else has changed?