Support Return to Work


Support Return to Work

With the government supported Furlough scheme ending this month and the Job Support Scheme (JSS) starting from 1st November 2020 many employers are seeking opportunities to support the return to work of their teams.

Businesses understand, and support,  a ‘return to work’ focus with the many benefits that these include such as collaborative working, reconnecting with peers and of course for many a return to a form of a ‘new’ normality.

One of the key concerns for many individuals in returning to work is fear of maintaining social distancing during their daily commute to and from their place of work.  Travelling by bus, underground or overground raises an obvious concern of how to minimise overcrowding. 

A key opportunity many employers have recently adopted is by signing up to a cycle scheme to assist their team to return to work by bicycle.  By cycling during a typical daily commute not only is social distancing enhanced to the individual but also a further relief to what is likely soon to be a soon to be chaotic public transport system. 

Aiding an employee to return to work by bike in supporting the initial purchase is a great starting point.  We are however finding many employers taking the opportunity to support this further via the BIKE-DROP corporate rate.  

In providing a bike parking bay per employee businesses are truly supporting the full commute - and not the journey in isolation from A to B.  At BIKE-DROP we offer valet bike parking in our DROP’s which are very accessible due to their ‘high street’ locations.  Each DROP is safe and secure with our CREW proving peace of mind during the working day.

If you are a business owner, or an employee seeking a safe way to work, then please reach out to our CREW at