Here we go again - out of lockdown "Part Deux"


Here we go again - out of lockdown "Part Deux"

We have all had to make so many changes to our day to day lives, both work and personal.  The rise in Ecommerce has been enormous with the last 9 months showing the kind of growth that was expected in the next 5 years as we rush to get toilet rolls, flour and gadgets for homeschooling delivered from our favorite online retailers.  There have been some studies published saying we have made some huge steps forward in how key technology and the “Internet of Things” has enabled us to communicate effectively while we live in our bubbles and more over efficiently while working remotely.  Attitudes to working from home or remotely have changed at lighting speed, where this has been possible to help keep everyone safe.  There are of course still a lot of people who simply cannot do this like shop workers, transport workers, nurses, doctors, teachers and other key workers...the list goes on.  For those people changes in how to get to work is the key to staying safe.  People using public transport do so sparingly and having to ensure they have a face covering at all times.  London and other towns and cities around the world have become almost like ghost towns compared to the “old normal” of 2019.


2020 has also seen a huge rise in people on 2 wheels, it's the year of the bike, they are everywhere now and it's great to see.  Bike sales have gone through the roof, bike servicing staff have never been so busy.  We as a nation have truly embraced the bike during the Spring and Summer of 2020.  With this has seen the rise in people commuting to work on bikes during the lockdowns.  This is great for the health of the nation, both physically and mentally, air quality in our towns and cities has also dramatically improved and all of this goodness we need to continue into 2021 and beyond.  The government recently committed to spending £225m on improving cycle lanes in the UK and commuting by bike is set to increase 10x post lockdown according to TFL. That's a lot of bikes on the road.


Having got on your bike and decided getting into town safely is easiest done on 2 wheels, the next most important thing to consider is how to keep your bike safe, secure & dry while you are at work, doing your shopping, meeting friends for lunch. Hoping London’s notoriously proficient bike thieves  are not going to steal your bike while it is in a public bike rack or locked up on the street is a real peace of mind, helping stop the butterflies in your stomach as you head back to where you left your bike hoping it's still there.  On average a bike is stolen every 2 minutes according to recent data from TFL and that's a scary statistic in anyone's book, especially if you have an E-bike or a nice carbon speedmachine. This is where BIKE-DROP comes into its own, supporting the new safe and healthy “active travel” habits of the nation's capital. You can buy a PASS for a few hours, a day, a week, a month or more knowing that your trusty steed is being well looked after in its warm, dry, secure and convenient parking space.    


As we head toward Christmas, it's getting a little colder, a little wetter but can you think of a better way to keep fit before a bit of Christmas over indulgence? ...and don't say you're going to be good this year, you know you won't!  Can you think of a better way to see the Christmas lights in Town, heading down the Embankment cycle superhighway, up to Trafalgar Square on to Covent Garden, then to Oxford Street, along Regent Street and down to Piccadilly Circus and on to Leicester Square, simply lovely and all the time keeping a little safer and getting a little fitter! 


The current DROPS at Oxford Circus and Regent Street are open again (3rd Dec). A new DROP at Piccadilly is opening the week of the 7th Dec, our biggest site to date, where you can get artisan coffee and a healthy bite to eat at our DROP-CAFE.


The team at BIKE-DROP have been working hard to ensure that your safety and theirs is of the highest priority. Safety procedures are in place to make sure drop off and collection can be done according to all the current guidelines.  


We hope to see you soon, why not pop in and have a look or book now at


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