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How does BIKE-DROP work?

It's simple.  Select a DROP at one our locations and purchase a DAY, WEEK or MONTH PASS.  Confirm your order, receive an email confirmation with QR code.  DROP IN at the DROP, show your QR code and let us do the rest.  No lock needed! 

How do I collect my bike?

When you DROP IN to BIKE-DROP we shall send you an SMS to confirm your reservation.  Simply reply NOW 15 minutes before you intend to return and we shall have your bike in the RIDE OUT bay ready for you on your return.

How is my bike parked?

At DROP IN your bike shall have an ID tag secured to the frame. Our CREW shall locate your bike within our DROP keeping it safe for your RIDE OUT in our specialist bike racks.

How secure is BIKE-DROP?

All of our CREW within our DROP's have had extensive training in providing you the best service. Our DROP's are fully staffed during our operating hours with  CCTV coverage to provides additional security.  Leaving your bike overnight?  We have fully monitored intruder alarm systems to protect your RIDE.

I have an electric bike - do you provide E-Charging?

The electric bike market is a moving feast. We strive to provide E-BIKE charging for all (subject to availability of charger type).  Please email us at  drop@bike-drop.com (or give us a call) to find out if we have your charger - or alternatively bring your own and we shall provide a power supply.

Are you COVID safe?

Your well-being is our focus and we have stringent standards and protocols to manage the risk of COVD-19. Our booking process is completed online and DROP IN is managed through our RIDERs mobile device requiring minimal contact.

Cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures are in line within guidance. Our CREW take all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in our DROPS. Where we cannot keep 2m apart our CREW endeavour to at least 1m distance to manage transmission risk. CREW and RIDERs are requested to wear a face covering at all times and we allow a maximum of 5 RIDERs in the DROP at any time.