Discover BIKE-DROP: Bike Parking in London


Discover BIKE-DROP: Bike Parking in London

For those who often cycle it is nothing new that this form of transportation is not only green and clean, and reducing congestion, but it also has of course its health benefits.  Cycling keeps us active and similarly people who cycle are proven to be more productive at work.  During this Coronavirus pandemic cycling should be encouraged to support social distancing and assist in reducing congestion on public transport.


So, what is stopping us from using our bikes.... particularly with all the benefits it can provide.  The primary answer to this question is there are simply not enough bike parking racks.  Research illustrates that 30% of car drivers say they would cycle more if there was better cycle parking.  Ironically one of the main reasons why cycling is stated as more convenient than driving is for short journeys in town.  For those short journeys in town parking a bike should be made easier than parking a car.  That is why and how BIKE-DROP was formed.  BIKE-DROP aims to support bike ownership and encourage people to convert from using public transport, and their cars, and instead adopt a new lifestyle:  to redefine our journey...

BIKE-DROP has been born to support the cyclist.  We provide the location (we call them our DROPS) for to park your bike with ease and also give peace of mind that your bike will be waiting for you on your return.  Our first DROP's are centrally located in W1, London. They provide over 700 spaces with a simple online booking system providing a QR code to make your DROP IN and RIDE OUT an easy and swift experience. 



With the intention of giving you the easiest process we created a convenient way to DROP IN and RIDE OUT as shown below.  Our website is there for you to book your Day, Week or Month PASS.  We are even developing an App as we know we are here for the long term as we aim to expand across London and other cities nationally.