Christmas Shopping on 2 wheels - don't be so daft… or is it so daft


Christmas Shopping on 2 wheels - don't be so daft… or is it so daft

This is going to be a very different Christmas for us all this year.  There are so many rules and guidance provided to us on who we can see what we can and cannot do, but one thing still remains constant and that's Christmas presents under the tree for those friends and family that can be part of our festive celebrations.

We have had the call to support the high street and not rely on online shops to deliver all our gifts and supplies for christmas.  It's a great call as the last thing we really want is to see all the shops in our towns and cities close leaving nothing but the retail giants and out of town shopping centres left to service our everyday needs.   But how could this be possible without a bike trailer, the world's biggest set of panniers or a huge bag strapped to your back?.  

BIKE-DROP has come to the rescue and partnered with Dropit to enable its customers to Pedal, Park and Shop without the hassle. With social distancing measures still in place it’s more important than ever for London shoppers to have a convenient way to safely get around the city - the concept is simple - cycle into town, do your shopping and drop unlimited bags at BIKE-DROP, then have them delivered straight to your door by Dropit.  Unitl Wednesday 23rd December shoppers will receive 25% off both the Bike Parking and Dropit delivery services - a christmas gift from us to you!   You can even grab a nice cup of coffee at the new DROP CAFE before you head home to meet you shopping.


To redeem log onto and enter the code ‘WE LOVE DROPIT’, along with your confirmation email you will receive another code to redeem your ‘Dropit’ discount and then you’re ready to ride!


When you look at a lot of other european cities where travelling into town on a bike is actively promoted and provisions are made for parking them safely.  London really has lagged behind the curve….But that is changing with BIKE-DROP offering in the region of 1000 bike parking spaces in central London, more will be added over the coming months. Demand is rising which is great to see and even companies are adopting the idea and providing spaces to staff who want to ride to work safely.  These clients can also make use of the Dropit shopping delivery service, so at lunch time you can pop out and grab some prezzies knowing you don't have to try and get them home somehow strapped to you person.

So there you go, you have some new options on how to do your Christmas shopping this year, get on your bike!.  You can even get your own electric bike for changing the way you are going to get to work or into town as part of your new years “Active Travel” routine.  To help here BIKE-DROP has also teamed up with MATE BIKE UK to support the rise in eBike demand.  e-Bikes are now coming in all shapes and sizes and Mate has a great compact designs and a variety of power and range options and a “cracker” of an offer for BIKE-DROP customers.  You can find out more here.  (link to MATE page on Bike drop)

Wishing you “Safe shopping” lovely people of London and we hope to see you very soon