5 Reasons to Cycle To Work


5 Reasons to Cycle To Work


One of the obvious reasons to cycle to work is keeping yourself healthy and in good shape. It’s also a very good alternative for people that are short on time, work Monday to Friday hours, and feel too tired to go the gym after a day’s work.  Living an active life is not only good for your health but it makes you feel better and positive during the day reducing fatigue.


Improve Mental Health

Cycling is less stressful than sitting in traffic or in overcrowded public transport. Nowadays, we hear more and more about Mental health Awareness and that’s because our world is changing. Our free time once upon a time was all about meeting people outside.  Children were playing outside and staying active without even trying to. Today, especially during this pandemic, our free time is spent very much indoors, we communication online sitting on a couch or relaxing watching TV. This is for sure impacting us in one way or another.  That’s why at BIKE-DROP we want to encourage people to cycle.


Save Money

There is no secret that cycling saves you money. If you drive to work, you are already aware of all the costs – congestion charge, parking, servicing, fuel – the list is endless.  If you use public transport, yes sure theres another cost.  A Zone 1-2 travel card is £138.70.  At BIKE-DROP a month PASS is £135.00.  Commit to longer term and there are further savings.



We really do mean convenient because it actually saves you time.  You will no longer depend on the bus to arrive, experience a train delay or the worse – experience London congestion.  Be free – redefine your journey and control your own valuable time how you want to use it.


The Environment

The environment, our world, has been forgotten by many for many years.  It is time we take care it it before it is too late!  Reducing your carbon footprint, and encourage your colleagues and social network to do the same.